The Centre for Apprenticeships and Skills, and School of Health and Education, Middlesex University (Finbar Lillis), is conducting initial scoping research for Health Education England (HEE). A report will be produced by early August 2019, with recommendations for a cohesive long-term strategy for developing transversal skills for person centred care – including ways to address English and maths weaknesses that impede progression into regulated healthcare professions, now.

We would like to hear your views and examples from practice, about:

  • How in your experience, weaknesses in English and maths and other transversal skills are impeding progression into and through regulated healthcare professions. 
  • Examples of good practice you know about which are helping to overcome these weaknesses. 
  • And to say what you think should go into a HEE national strategy for the development of transversal skills. 

Complete the survey and you will be automatically invited to a webinar on the draft research findings in early July.  

Your involvement will help to build a network of people interested in shaping an enacting a HEE strategy for Transversal skills for person centred care. 


1.1. Middlesex University will anonymise your responses to the survey so that you cannot be personally identified in any public reporting of the research results.  The personal information collected about you from questions 2-4 of the survey will be used by Health Education England to help to build a network of people interested in shaping and enacting a HEE strategy for Transversal skills for person centred care. Your responses to all other questions in the survey will not be shared with any other third parties. Do you consent to your personal data being processed as described above? You must click Yes in order to take part in the survey.