Page 1: Supporting the north east and North Cumbria response to COVID-19

Dear Colleague

Thank you for your interest in helping the NHS fight COVID-19.  Your support will make a difference to NHS colleagues and the wider community within the north east and North Cumbria region.  

We are keen to put you in contact with hospital and community settings that will make use of your skills, however please be aware that demand from our contacts has reduced at present. As new contacts are being developed, further opportunities may become available. Please proceed with this survey if you are happy to be added to the list and wait for a role to become available.

Please complete as much information in this short survey.  It is a generic form and not all fields will be applicable to you but has been designed to capture the information that we need at this stage.  We are keen to hear from the following:

Volunteers - Medical Students, Return to Practice, Retired Clinicians, members of the public

Doctors in Training - Academic or OPP trainees offering to come back or increase clinical practice/offering to incrase LTFT% or offering to do additional hours

Your information will be stored securely within our secure area and only shared with others as necessary including HR Trust Departments.

We thank you for your interest and we will be in touch soon.