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1.1. I am a.... Required
2.2. Please select your specialty; Required
3.3. What is the main reason you have visited the Curriculum Library today?

The Curriculum

The Curriculum Library

5.5. To support your work in your eportfolio (OLAT or Onefile), do you think the Curriculum Library will be;
6.6. The Curriculum is presented slightly differently to the way you may be used to seeing it in OLAT and the Learning Guide. We’ve made these changes so we can keep information on the work based and academic curriculum together.  Could you find everything you would want to in this new format, if you were looking for information on a particular competency for example?
7.7. Were you aware there is academic component aligned to the modules completed in the workplace before seeing it in the Library?
a.7.a. Is it helpful for you to see this content alongside the workbased content?