Page 1: Information Governance

If possible, this form should be completed by the trainee and their Educational Supervisor, before the period of absence.  Please note that this form provides a template for recording the discussion between the ES and Trainee.  HEE receives a copy of this form once submitted however the actions needed to safely return a trainee to training will need to be carried out by the ES and trainee.

The return to work scheme is required for absences of 3 months or more but can be opted into for absences less than 3 months if trainee or Educational Supervisor feel it is necessary.

The information collected in this form will be securely held by HEE and will only be made accessible to those directly involved in the trainees' return to training journey including: the Professional Support & Wellbeing Service PSW),  Careers Team, Trusts/GP School, SuppoRTT Champions (Trust & School), Head of School, TPD, Educational Supervisor or College Tutor. Data will not be shared wider without your explicit consent.

1.1. Please confirm that you have read and understood the information provided above and that you consent to your information being processed in this way.