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Enhanced Clinical Practitioner Apprenticeship

To support the national uptake of the Enhanced Clinical Practitioner Apprenticeship, HEE intend to develop guidance and support material and also undertake a national procurement to source both national and regional providers. To enable this, we are asking employers to indicate their future workforce demand alongside thier views and suggestions on thier vision for the use this apprenticeship. 

Please note: all returns are treated as provisional estimations and are only used as an indication of potential demand for the apprenticeship and to ensure viability of cohorts. 

Supporting Information: 

What is an Enhanced Clinical Practitioner?

Enhanced Clinical Practitioners work as part of a multi-disciplinary clinical team across a wide range of settings, including hospitals, community clinics, individual’s homes and in dental and general practices. Specific examples of settings in which Enhanced Clinical Practitioners work include critical care units providing complex interventions to critically ill patients, GP premises providing specialist services for patients in the community and Children and Families Services units within a local council providing therapeutic interventions to children, young people and their families.

What level is the Enhanced Clinical Practitioner apprenticeship?

The Enhanced Clinical Practitioner is a level 6 apprenticeship with a funding band of £7,000. The typical duration of the apprenticeship is 18 months.

The level of this apprenticeship is level 6, but because there is no mandated qualification then employers can opt to use level 7 education within the apprenticeship too.

Are any qualifications delivered as part of the ECP apprenticeship?

There are no mandated qualifications as part of the Enhanced Clinical Practitioner apprenticeship, during the programme apprentices must compile a portfolio of evidence.  Training providers should deliver training to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs) of the occupational standard; this may include modules, units or qualifications that meet the KSB’s of the occupational standard.

How is the Enhanced Clinical Practitioner different to the ACP?

The Enhanced Clinical Practitioner apprenticeship is an extended role rather than advanced role, they work at an enhanced level of practice with specific knowledge and skills in a field of expertise. They manage a discrete aspect of a patient’s care within their current level of practice, which will be particular to a specific context, be it a client group, a skill set or an organisational context. This is in contrast to Advanced Clinical Practitioners who have developed their knowledge and skills to an advanced level of practice and would manage the whole episode of a patient’s clinical care, from the time they first present, through to the end of the episode.

Typical job titles for example could include Dietitian (gastroenterology) Enhanced dental technician, Mental health enhanced liaison practitioner, Physiologist (paediatric respiratory) Registered nurse (critical care).

You can find full details of the apprenticeship HERE