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Exam Support Virtual Learning Programme -  3 Session course - MAILING LIST

MAILING LIST - will be notified of any spaces that become available and new dates

Who should attend?

East of England Trainee doctors and dentists who have experienced repeated exam failure of 2 or more times.

HEE EoE trainees that are already accessing PSW support are particularly encourgaed to attend.

Who should not attend?

We are currently unable to offer any places to Specialty and Associate Specialist (SAS) doctors or Locally Employed Doctors (LEDs)

We are also unable to offer exam support for EoE trainee who have not sat the exam, or only sat the exam once.

What will the course offer?

3 x 2 hour webinars with experienced Psychologists.  

Webinar 1  

Stress and Anxiety

Webinar 2

Attention, Revision and Exam Strategy

Webinar 3

Thriving, Not surviving

What will you need?

To attend all 3 sessions of the course. 

To have your video on at all times during the session unless requested to turn it off.

To have access to a device that supports the use of Zoom, a Webcam and Microphone at the time of the webinars. Most Trust computers do not support use of the above so you may be required to take your own device into work on these days and ensure you have an appropriate internet connection. 

To ensure you have access to a space away from distraction, as you will be expected to actively participate.

About the facilitators

Dr Emma Lishman

A Clinical Psychologist and the Clinical Lead for Hammet Street Consultants. Emma has specialised in working with doctors for the past 7 years both in her role at Hammet Street and within the NHS. Her work includes providing therapy, supervision, training and consultation. She has a good understanding of both medical training and the NHS environment and the systematic challenges doctors can face.

Dr Claire Illingworth

A Clinical Psychologist who has specialised in working with doctors for 4 years. Claire initially developed a two year project with the East of England Deanery aimed at mitigating the effects of secondary traumatic stress for paediatric trainees. This work was presented at the Royal College of Paediatric Child Health Conference and at the European Conference for Physical Health in Paris. More recently, Claire has started working at Hammet Street where she provides therapy, training and consultation. Claire has also worked in the NHS for over 20 years across a wide range of services. She is now based in the Neuropsychology Department at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. She has a particular interest in working systemically to understand the challenges faced by patients, families and staff.