Page 1: Introduction

Welcome to Health Education England (North West) GP Specialty Training School and to our Induction Module for GP Specialty Trainees.

We would welcome your views and feedback on your experiences with this module.

The Induction module is designed to link with HEE NW website ( where you will find more comprehensive guidance, together with HEE NW policies and procedures for doctors in training. We have tried not to overwhelm you with facts and red tape here but to provide useful and user-friendly information.

Quite a mixed bunch have come together to produce the information and guidance contained here - we have contributions from current GP trainees at all levels, Associate GP Deans and the GP Team. We all sincerely hope that it proves useful and informative.

Under the GP Trainee Forum Section there are a couple of very useful downloadable documents - GPST Information Booklet and GPST e-Portfolio Guide. You might like to print off or save these documents for future reference.

So, let's start with some basics .......


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  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. The North Western GP Specialty Training School
  3. Meet the Team
  4. Our Lead Employers
  5. What to Expect from Your Training Programme
  6. First Steps
  7. E-Portfolio
  8. ARCP
  9. Out of Hours
  10. Profressional Conduct
  11. General Information and Guidance
  12. North Western GP Trainee Forum
  13. Final Quiz
  14. Submit and Complete