Healthcare Science 2023-24 Funding Requests

Welcome to the Healthcare Science expression of interest form for STP and HSST trainee posts commencing in September 2023.

Separate request forms will need to be completed and submitted for each training programme/specialism.

If your request is for both direct entry and in-service posts, you will be required to submit separate forms for each, even if the posts are within the same specialism.

If you have multiple posts for the same specialism and they are all either direct entry or in-service these can be included on the same request form.

The form can be saved and returned to at any stage of completion, but please ensure that when you have completed the last question, you click on the 'finish' button which will take you to the final page confirming submission. 

Your request will not have been submitted until you reach the final confirmation page.

The portal will close at 17.00 on 15TH SEPTEMBER 2022