Why have you been sent this survey?

You have been sent this survey because your name has been put forward to the NHS England (NHSE) East of England (EOE) Faculty of Advancing Practice as either a trainee/practising Advanced Practitioner (AP) or a supervisor/manager/organisational lead of APs, working in the EOE region.

How long will the survey take to complete?

Approximately 5-10 minutes. 

Who will be using the information you provide in this survey and why?

The information that you provide will only be accessed by the EoE Faculty of Advancing practice team, it will not be shared with any other divisions within NHSE or to any outside organisations.

By registering your details you agree to receive up to date information on developments within Advancing practice, such as national frameworks and publications by the national Centre of Advancing Practice, regional updates, and notification of upcoming training and conferences.   

What is the EOE Faculty of Advancing Practice?

Each of the seven NHSE regions in the country has a Faculty of Advancing Practice, of which the EOE Faculty is one. The EOE Faculty will be working closely with local employers, educators, healthcare professionals, governing bodies and APs themselves to implement advancing practice initiatives in the region.

Have questions?

If you any queries regarding this survey or advancing practice in general, please contact the EOE Faculty of Advancing Practice via