Guidance Notes

NHS England East of England (NHSE EoE) Professional Support & Well-being Service (PSW) aims to promote postgraduate learners' well-being and personal development by providing support and assistance in tackling any personal or professional challenges to progression. We understand how stressful and demanding working as doctors, dentists pharmacists in training can be and the effect that events in our personal lives can have on our wellbeing and work life. Therefore, we feel it is crucial to offer a supportive service across the East of England.

We are accepting educator referrals across the East of England for doctors, dentists and pharmacists in training for all concerns including (but not exclusive to):

  • Clinical performance, knowledge and skills
  • Professional behaviours and attitude
  • Environmental Issues
  • Training environment/support issues
  • Conduct, capability, probity
  • Significant life event
  • Health and Social
  • Involved in a serious incident 
  • Careers support

By completing this referral and information provided, you confirm that the postgraduate learner being referred accepts the following terms:

  • a condidential case file with an allocated case manager will be opened
  • the information within the PSW EoE case file is confidential and will only be accessed by the PSW admin team and the named case manager
  • the PSW will seek permission from the postgraduate learner before any information about them is shared with you as their educator
  • any information divulged to the PSW will only be shared outside of the team where concerns raised are to be in breach of the professional and ethical guidelines. This includes the safety of patients, self and the public. This will be shared at the discretion of the PSW management team and the Associate Dean for Professional Support NHSE EoE.

More information on how we support doctors, dentists, and pharmacists in training across the East of England, can be found on our PSW Animation