HEE SW Faculty of Advancing Practice - Change of Circumstances Form

Dear Advancing Practice Trainee,

The South West Faculty of Advancing Practice is required to keep up to date records of current HEE funded Advancing Practice Trainees to enable it to better support and keep track of who is currently on the programme and requires continuation of funding.

It is therefore mandatory that you tell us about any changes to your personal and / or training situation by filling in and submitting this form as soon as possible and at least one month before any changes are to be introduced. Not completing the form will affect future HEE funding allocated to you.

By any changes of circumstances, this refers to changes such as:

  • Personal Details (i.e.: change of surname, email address, phone number) 
  • University and / or University Course
  • Educational Supervisor 
  • Employer and / or Workplace
  • Break from Training (i.e: Maternity Leave, Career Break, Study Break, Long Term Sickness, etc.)
  • Training Withdrawal
  • Other

Once submitted, the South West Faculty of Advancing Practice will update your training records and may need to discuss the changes with relevant parties (i.e.: Employer, Advancing Practice Lead, Educational Supervisor, University, etc.) 

If you have any queries about this process, please contact advancingpractice.sw@hee.nhs.uk