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HEE YH SuppoRTT: Call for your SuppoRTT Ideas!

HEE is providing Local Education Providers and Schools with the opportunity to bid for investment to expand an existing approach or develop a new idea that relates to creating and imbedding a supportive return to practice for doctors and dentists in training.

Examples include (but are not limited to);

  • “Brain storming” events for departments, trainers, medical staffing departments, medical education departments, etc to consider mechanisms to support trainees

  • Specialty-specific developments within Schools to support returners

  • “Boot camps” and course development

  • Trust-based support groups for trainees, with identified objectives

  • Enhanced induction

  • Developing resources available to trainees

  • Backfill of educator or manager time to develop courses

Completing the Application Form

Although Health Education England will make every effort to liaise and assist applicants throughout the proposal process, no responsibility will be taken for applications that are incomplete, delayed or otherwise not submitted correctly.

All portions of the proposal form should be competed; incomplete froms will not be reviewed.

The deadline for submission is: 1st July 2019

All bids will be scored by the review panel against a set of standards as detailed within the 'Guidance & Standards' document. Each bid can recieve a maximum score of 30 points per panel member.

Bidders will be notified via email of the outcome of their bid by: 5th August 2019. There is no appeals process, the decision of the panel is final.

Further Information

Bidders should read the 'Guidance & Standards' document that has been sent via email previously or available via the website. For any further queries please contact

You will be provided a unique reference number upon completion of the Bid Request Form. Please ensure you keep a note of this reference, you will NOT receive an email to confirm your Bid has been received.

During the review stage you may be contacted to discuss your bid further.

Please note that there will be no HEE YH local office administartive support for bids that releate to courses/events however, the team may be able to distribute promotional material.