Page 1: HEE Quality Midlands Good Practice Collection Tool

Welcome to the HEE Quality Midlands good practice collection tool. 

The evolved HEE Quality Strategy and Framework (2021) outlines the commitment to improving quality across the clinical learning environment. Identifying and sharing good practice is a fundamental element in achieving high quality education and training as well as safe patient care. 

By sharing with us your examples of this will allow us to develop a repository of good practice which can be shared across the HEE network and external stakeholders. 

You must answer question 2 and question 8 for your submission to be valid. 

Thank you 

5.5. Does your good practice address a specific issue? Please select all options which apply
6.6. Is your example of good practice transferable?
7.7. Does your example of good practice relate to a specific domain of the Quality Framework? Please select all options which apply

The Quality Framework can be viewed here