Coach to Lead Programme is part of Primary Care offer from Kent, Surrey and Sussex Leadership Academy. 

About the Programme:

This programme is open to application from individuals working in Primary Care: Kent, Surrey and Sussex who have a responsibility for developing or managing others as part of their day to day role. 

To meet the needs of a changing population, within this landscape, Primary Care professionals continue to need to adopt important innovations and to redesign for greater sustainability through evolving the way they work.  In response to this challenge, the NHS Leadership Academy is seeking to support Primary Care leaders to develop a broad range of leadership styles, specifically in this instance, coaching as a style of leadership

This programme aims to develop foundation-level coaching skills which are applicable in every-day leadership and management. These skills will help participants to flex their leadership style to achieve better results through their people and teams as well as improve team cohesion. 

Coaching as a style of leadership helps to create a culture where team members feel engaged and empowered to contribute towards better patient care and continuous improvement.

Date:  4th February and 5th March2020.

Venue:  Gatwick area

Please note that completing this booking form does not guarantee a place on this masterclass. You will be sent an email confirming your place by 20th December 2020. If we are unable to offer you a place, we will notify you and will then place your name on the waiting list.