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Durham & Tees Valley GP Training Programme

Regional Teaching Absence Notification

In order to report an absence from a regional teaching session you MUST complete the following short survey. This is now a mandatory requirement for all trainees.

If you contact the Training Programme directly you will be advised to complete the survey, and your absence will documented as unauthorised if it is not.

  • The absence must be reported on or before the day of the session if it is not then it will be marked as an unautorised absence.
  • If your absence is pre-planned, i.e. annual leave, you can submit this information in advance.
  • If you are on a long term absence (In excess of four weeks) for reasons such as sick leave, MAT leave or a period OOP, the Training Programme will have been made aware by the LET and appreciate we will need to record this manually ourselves in some cases.
  • For those of you that are LTFT, and will not attend every session, please declare the sessions you will not be attending as an absence, under the reason 'Other'.
  • A monthly absence return will be sent to the LET (your employer)¬†based on the data submitted by yourselves so please ensure that would you submit is accurate.