This form is to request funding for costs and/or reimbursement of time / salary associated with Return To Training Activity (RTT-A) for North West Trainees

All activities should be discussed during the Pre-Absence and / or Pre-Return meeting and included on the relevant form (more information about the SuppoRTT process can be found here: 

Applications for SRTT days in the accrued annual leave period of parental leave should be made ideally 12 weeks, and no later than 8 weeks, prior to the trainee's RTT date so that the new RTT date can be communicated to the host organisation with sufficient time for them to make alternate arrangements on those additional days​.

Completion of this form does not guarantee eligibility for funding.  This is an application for funding approval.

Up to 10 applications can be made using this form.

Retrospective applications for funding may be considered on a case by case basis whilst this new process is embedding, however this is not the norm and we reserve the right to deny retrospective applications. 

Approved costs will only be reimbursed after the RTT-A has been attended / completed, following submission of the appropriate receipts and evidence of attendance / completion.  Payment will be made directly to the trainee by NHSE. 

**Foundation Trainees: please use this process to apply for expenses however you may be asked to complete your Trust's application process for KIT / SPLIT days.  Any SRTT days should be discussed with your Trust SuppoRTT Champion first.

The NW RTT-A Guidance can be found on the NW SuppoRTT webpages here: 

The information collected in this form will be securely held by NHSE and will only be accessible to those directly involved in the Supported Return to Training programme and the RTT-A application process including the Lead Employer, SuppoRTT Champions, Head of School, Training Programme Director, NW School Team and NW Study Leave team.

Data will not be shared more widely without your explicit consent.

Application Process

1. Trainee to discuss all return to training activity (RTT-A) with your ES and / or F/TPD and include on the Pre-Absence and / or Pre-Return Form(s).

1a. If the meeting will not have taken place before the activity please ensure a separate discussion is had with your ES (or TPD if an ES has not yet been identified) before applying.  

2. Trainee to complete this online application form which will be submitted directly to the NW SuppoRTT Team.

3. NW SuppoRTT Team will review application and decide an outcome.  If required, the team will contact the F/TPD to confirm approval of the activity in relation to RTT requirements of the individual trainee.

4. If the RTT-A application is approved, the NW SuppoRTT Team will assign an application number which will be used on all correspondence relating to this application and will be the invoice number when claiming expenses.

5. NW SuppoRTT Team will email the trainee with the outcome of the application and, where funding has been approved, will provide an expense claim form.  This email will be copied to:

  • the Trainee's F/TPD for information.
  • the Lead Employer if the trainee is on parental / long term sick leave.
  • the NW Study Leave team if study leave time is being used.
  • the trainee's Trust or School SuppoRTT Champion if time in lieu needs to be arranged locally.

a. If the trainee is not already on our Finance system they will be sent an Oracle Supplier Set Up form which must be completed and sent back to the NW SuppoRTT Team as soon as possible to ensure there are no delays with payment. 

6. Following completion of the activity the Trainee should complete the  expense claim form and send to along with copies of all relevant pieces of evidence (i.e. proof of attendance / completion / expenditure etc.)  This should be done within 3 months of the activity taking place.

7. NW SuppoRTT Team will forward evidence to relevant teams to arrange reimbursement.

8. Expenses will be paid by NHSE via BACS directly into the trainee's bank account.  Any salary payments will be paid by the Lead Employer as usual via payroll.

Have you read and understood the above information? Required
To be eligible for funding you must have submitted at least one of the following SuppoRTT meeting forms. All activity included in this application must have been discussed and agreed with your ES / TPD and included on either the Pre-Absence or Pre-Return form. Please confirm whether or not you have submitted the Pre-Absence or Pre-Return form yet: Required