Page 1: Study Leave feedback

Thanks for coming to give your feedback on study leave management in HEE East Midlands! It should take around 10-15 minutes depending on the amount of feedback you want to provide.

As you may be aware from recent emails, Intrepid Leave Manager will shortly be retired. By modern standards, it's an old system (we started using the improved version, Leave Manager Plus, in 2013!), and it's not fully equipped to deal with the changes to study leave that've happened since then.

In light of those changes, we also want to hear from you about what we can do (separate to the Leave Manager system) to streamline the process, communicate better and make information more accessible.

Please bear in mind that some things are beyond our control (such as Trust processes), but we do ask you to imagine how you want the system to work; it gives us something to work towards! Even suggestions that may require more resources than we have available (whether money or staff time) at this time at least gives us an idea of what your priorities are, and help us consider compromises between what you want and what we can deliver.

Lastly, please keep any criticisms constructive; if you don't like the way something works now, please try to think about why you don't like it and (ideally) how you'd like it to work instead. The more specific and constructive information you give, the better we can work towards a system that works for everyone!