Page 1: Introductory Page

Welcome to Yorkshire and Humber. In our region, we are lucky to have the diverse expertise of many international colleagues. We recognise that working in a new country and healthcare system can be challenging and we want to ensure that you are well supported in your transition to the NHS.

This form is specifically for IMGs new to secondary care. For IMGs starting in a GP placement, you will need to complete a different form. This can be accessed here.

The purpose of this form is to support your transition and identify anything you might need help with. Please try to be as honest and open as you can be with your responses, they will not be used in your portfolio or other assessments.

This form is designed for completion with your educational/clinical supervisor, although you may wish to complete it in advance of your first supervisor meeting. This form is designed to find out more about you and ensure you have the support you need to start working in the NHS.

This form will take approximately 20 mins to complete.

Don't forget to download your completed form at the end for your own record and discussion with your supervisor. Any issues, please email

1.1. Do you consent to your responses being shared with your supervisor, Training Programme Director (TPD) and Health Education England (HEE) to understand how we can improve the educational experience of all our trainees?